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            being the only standard of global special chemical additives

            Copyright ? 2019-2021 AMORSO Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd Record number 蘇ICP備12074817號

            ABOUT US

            Shangyan Chemical Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R & D and production of special chemicals for more than 20 years, leading in technology, stable in quality and excellent in service. It has developed into one of the leading suppliers of additives and resins in the world. Business development is based in mainland China, facing the world, and has established many sales companies in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and other places.


            Founded in Taiwan


            Annual capacity(ton)


            Serve more than 1000 customers

            CONTACT US

            Tel Tel

            0512-57758550 0512-57738591

            Hotline Hotline

            Sales Department I: 18626240302 Mr. Lu Sales Department 2: 18606263328 Mr. Zhang

            Sales Department 3: 13913206198 Mr. Chen Sales department 4: 18625035320 Mr. Zeng

            Sales Department 5: 18796866259 Mr. Wang

            Fax Fax


            Email Email


            Add Headquarters address: 2F, building D, Dibao Industrial Park, No. 1188, Hongqiao Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

            Branch address: No.1 Shilian Avenue, Yanhua new material Park, Huai'an City


            Copyright ? 2019-2021 AMORSO Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd Record number 蘇ICP備12074817號

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